again with the celebrating. (part two)

See previous post for the first half of my celebration of turning twenty. And Britt turning twenty-one.

12) Try on size 20 (21) pants. Well they actually don't have size 21 pants, so Britt wore size 22 pants. Like one to grow on.
13) Hula hoop 20 (21) times. This was no problem for me. Little known fact: I won fourth place for hula hooping when I was in fifth grade. I attribute my success to the fact that my hips don't lie.

14) Ride elevator up and down 20 (21) times. A more known fact: I am extremely motion sick. So this was definitely my least favorite event of the night.
15) Go pond hopping for 20 (21) minutes seconds. It was a little chilly.
16) Roll down the hill 20 (21) times. Britt rolled down once. I rolled down zero times.

The next couple were not documented, so just trust me they happened. True Story.

17) Dance every time the minutes say 20 (21). Undocumented, but let me just assure you white girls have moves.
18) Ask sales clerk at Wal-Mart 20 (21) different questions. Kristen was a champ. As much as possible, the questions and conversation flowed naturally. It didn't hurt that the male sales clerk was all too willing to keep the conversation going as long as possible.
19) Give 20 (21) kids high fives throughout the night. This one was a complete fail. It turns out most children are scared (and most parents are wary) of college students running up to them and very enthusiastically demanding a high five.
20) I just realized there were not twenty things on the list. Apparently, we cannot count. No big deal, we are just juniors in college.
21) Britt enjoys a 21st birthday drink. They said they were out of the pretty glasses, but its ok she was happy to get extra alcohol. Totally just kidding.


  1. I will never forget that night! Such a fun way to celebrate. :) Still can't get over you asking everyone for FOOD! Love you E-Z Bake.