year two thousand and eleven.

2010 was good. Hard, but definitely sanctifying. I learned a lot about forgiveness after my family seemingly fell apart and then in turn learned a lot about the healing and redemption that accompanies brokenness. Through the blessing of friendship with some very wise women, I learned a lot about what it means to live as a woman of God. Along with that, I figured out that I have a million and a half things to work on before I look like anything close to a wise woman of God. I halfway learned how to use a sewing machine. I know in theory how to rock climb, however in practice its a little ugly. Recently, I learned (very unwillingly) kind of sort of the different parts of a car.

There is still a lot of progress to be made.

The agenda for twenty eleven:

- Become a Better Steward

  1.  Making a budget
  2.  Making purchases in light of eternity
  3.  Let things I have currently wear out before buying something new (Ex. Not buying new jeans until I rip/ can't wear a pair of my old jeans; not buying a new book until I finish all of the others on my bookshelf and/or if buying it is necessary)
  4.  Save money for the future (mom and dad won't keep me on their payroll forever)
  5.  Give as often as possible of my resources:
  •  Time
  •  Offerings
  •  Meals
  •  Gifts
  •  Encouraging Words
  •  Prayer
- Get Serious about Memorizing Scripture
  1. Treasuring God's Truth in Your Heart
  2. History of Redemption
The resource that has given me such inspiration for memorizing scripture is David Platt's (I love him) book, Radical. Platt opened my eyes to the truth that in America bibles can be little more than a novelty, but overseas a bible could cost your life. If someone was to take away my bible, how much of it would I have written on my heart? Ummm... not much.

- Pray Faithfully
  1. Journal daily
  2. Follow the Operation World prayer guide daily
  3. Plan time to pray
  4. Pray in the moment (don't just say, "I will be praying for you" but stop and pray in the situation)
- Be a Planner
  1. Schedule time each week to plan
  2. Pray over my schedule
  3. Plan time to minister
  4. Plan time to study
  5. Plan so that I can use time effectively
  6. Waste less time on facebook, twitter, and blogs. (Except for mine, of course.)
- Buying food
  • Use coupons
  • Buy in bulk less
  • Reduce wasted food ( use fruits and vegetables completely, instead of eating half and the other half getting moldy. gross and not cost effective)
Here's to trying!