my love languages.

Just in case you want to show me some lovin ever... here is how you should proceed.

1) write me a note telling me about your life on some super cute stationary.

2) tell me how great I am at cooking. (this only applies if you have actually tasted my cooking)

3) tell me that you can see my arm, leg, or neck muscles. compliment my forarms if you want me to kiss you smack on the face.

4) read my blog and think that i am funny.

5) study with me. even when you know it is going to be unproductive because I will probably talk and people watch the entire time.

6) tell me that I look really fast when you see me running. (I always have a fear that people are judging my slowness when they see me run.)

7) tell me that no it's not weird that my baby hair won't ever go away and it is actually endearing instead of awkward.

8) smile back at me when I smile at you.

9) forgive me when i make mistakes. show me grace.

10) laugh with me when i do, say, or think anything silly.